The French Bulldog was originally from England and was created to be a toy sized version of the Bulldog without the drooling. They became very popular among lace workers in Nottingham England. When many lace workers immigrated to France for better employment opportunities, they naturally brought their little Frenchies with them. As predicted, the French Bulldog thrived in France and throughout Europe.  Soon their charm was discovered by Americans as well. The French Bulldog first arrived at the Westminster Club Show in 1896. The breed was quickly nick-named Frenchie and is still referred to that today. A typical Frenchie stands 11-12 inches at the shoulder, with males showing masculine features and females with more feminine traits. Males run 20-28 pounds and females 16-24 lbs.


     Personality wise Frenchies are smart loving dogs who are as unique and different as humans. They want to spend alot of time with humans and other pets.  They enjoy a good dose of playing. Although Frenchies enjoy being outside, the time outside must be limited in the heat and cold weather. They simply love life and want to enjoy and savor it all. A frenchie will reward you with years of clown-like antics and loving, faithful devotion. They will simply enrich your life while expecting you to enrich theirs.

  I fell in love with Frenchies many years ago. I have been mentored by a friend who has been breeding dogs for over 30 years. I breed each female only once a year. I breed from my home, this is not a kennel. My goal is to breed the best quality dogs from reputable stock that I can. I choose to feed my adult dogs and the puppies the highest quality food (in my research and opinion) that I have found. Our dogs eat Orijen puppy food and Acana adult food. Our puppies are well socialized with dogs and humans.  We have a Weimaraner, and until recently a Boxer as well as 5 other Frenchies, so they are used to all sized dogs.  I would also like to add that the dogs in my house are treated as family members. The puppies are already spoiled rotten before they leave to go to their forever home.  

All Puppies come with 3 sets of shots including kennel cough vaccine, wil be De-wormed & micro-chipped and a NH State Health Certificate.

Mom & Dad have all their OFA Certificates for eyes, elbows and hips. 

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