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8/30/2021 birth Announcement

All puppies from our litter have been sold.

9/29/21 updated photos below

We would like to announce the newest litter from Ruby & Zeke. On August 20th Ruby delivered a healthy litter of 3 boys & 3 girls. The girls are all black brindled. The boys consist of 1 blue boy & 2 black brindle. They are all healthy, gaining weight, & doing great. The pups will go to their new homes on the weekend of October 22nd. For more information call, text or email Karen.  603-921-9913 Photos to follow.





The three males




The three females



 9/29/21 All puppies have been sold.

All photos below are of past litters.

Three photos of our last beautiful boy!



3 photos of Sadie's female pup

Ruby's 3 Females

Ruby's 3 Males

Two Days Old Two Days Old
Four Days Old Four Days Old

Photos of past litters below

Pups are almost eight weeks old. 2017

The pups are 3 weeks old in the photos below.

Pups are three days old here

Pups at nine days old

Photos updated 11/29/16 scroll down

Photo's taken 10/18/16 Pups are 16 days old. More photo's will be added over the next few days and weeks.

The 3 males
The 3 females

Pups at seven weeks old

Some photo's from the litter of 08/25/2015 - These pups are already in their furever homes.

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